After you know about my family and relative, now I want to tell you about my home town, my lovely home town. J

I was born and grow in Demak regency, correctly at Girikusumo, Banyumeneng Mranggen Demak.

Demak is relligious regency that built long time ago with much of history. Most people have different agrument when tell how this regency called “Demak”. But we don’t confuse it. Clearly, Demak is special regency that here, walisongo_Sunan Kalijaga developing Islam religion.

In Demak, there are a lot of historical place too, as like Great Mosque of Demak that made by four sunan with its town square, Moro beach and still many others. Demak also has exclusive fruit. that is star fruit as symbol of pillar of Islam. And it also has special agenda when idul adha, called with besaran.

And especially my village, I love very much to live at Girikusumo village. This village is around some hill, have river and many rice field were lies as long as side village’s road. Everyone come there of course will impressed its beauty. Not only that, at my village there are an Islamic Bording too, called Girikesumo Islamic Bording that built by Al Mukarrom Syaikh KH. Muhammad Hadi. Here in every Thursday evening hold maulid diba’an agenda. Its a vavorite agenda of Girikusumo’s sociaty. Even not only Girikusumo’s sociaty, a lot of people from many town and city like Pekalongan, Pemalang, Kendal, Purwodadi and many others, they also come and join to this agenda.

If you want, you may come to my village and enjoy the nature, sure you will not disappointed it. And if you want, in front of my house there are mahagony jungle and Ibrahim mountain. I will invite you to climbing it and than we can playing water fall at Marhaban river.


Interest to come it, isn’t ??? 😉 😉



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