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Wisuda VIII SMA Ky Ageng Giri

Wisuda VIII SMA Ky Ageng Giri

Hello,,, first, I want to introduce my self to you,

My name is Siti Hana, I was born in Demak, 20th October 1992. I have a big family. There are eleven members in my house and I was the fifth from seven brothers. I have four brother, a younger sister and a younger brother and also have two cousins who life together in my home. In everyday I help my mother to cooking rice, cleaning the floor, and others. My mother is a farmer and also my father. My first brothers work as dozer driver, my second brother as a school keeper, my third brother as private employees, and my fourth brother as carpenter. While me, my younger brother and sister and so my cousins we still in studying.

pernikahan kakan pertamaku

pernikahan kakan pertamaku

I love to live with them. Although sometime we fight to decide wich the chanel of TV that will be watched, snatching meal or snack from our parents, stand in queuing bath room, angry when my younger brother rummaging my room, and others. But, this moment are the best moment to be missed (dirindukan) when we grow be adult. Sometimes our older brother accompany us to study, now we are love each other, help each other. Hmmmmhh……

Hmm, I have much relative too. Among of them live in Ungaran, they are my father’s brother and among of them live in Mranggen same with me, even near with my house, approximately 500 meters only. They are my mother’s brother. Now I just have a grand mother and grand father, but they still often visiting me and bringing something for me too. In every holyday, my big family went to Ungaran, sometime we go by car or motorcycles. There we visiting one by one my relative’s house from morning until afternoon or evening. One of my uncle works in Semarang as a beef grinder. So that if I want to eat meat ball I just cal my uncle, then he will give me a lot of meat ball. Oh I like it and love my family and relative very much  🙂


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